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Accessing Commercial Loans Through New Market Advisory

In business, access to commercial loans can fuel growth and help avert financial difficulties. At Jordan & Zito, our unique relationships with investment banking firms such as NewMarket Advisory LLC and a number of lenders provide our clients with solutions to their capital needs.

What Are The Most Common Types Of Commercial Loans?

Companies wanting to expand, corporations needing help overcoming temporary financial setbacks, bankruptcy debtors-in-possession looking for funding and borrowers seeking working capital may all require some type of commercial loan assistance.

Some of the most common commercial loans:

  • Asset-based loan. An asset-based loan is typically a short-term business loan that is secured by a company’s assets, such as its accounts receivable, real estate, inventory or equipment.
  • Bridge loan. When a business needs a temporary commercial loan while it works to get more permanent financing in place, a short-term bridge loan may offer a solution.
  • Factoring loan. Although referred to as a loan, factoring involves the use of invoices or accounts receivable to raise capital.

New Market Advisory Investment Banking And Commercial Lending

Originally established in 1989 as a group, Chicago-based NewMarket Advisory Investment Banking provides comprehensive finance solutions to a wide range of private and public companies. Vernon Kowal, a partner in the boutique business law firm Jordan & Zito, also serves as executive vice president and general counsel of NewMarket Advisory.

In addition to NewMarket, our law firm has connections to a number of lenders. Let our firm help link your business with willing commercial lenders as part of your business solutions, workouts and debt restructuring.

Let Us Help You With Your Private Finance And Commercial Loan Needs

To find out how the Chicago-based boutique business law firm Jordan & Zito can help you find and secure the right commercial loans for your business, call our offices in Chicago at 312-489-8174 or contact us by email to arrange a consultation.