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Employment Contracts Protect Your Company

Employment contracts that clearly state the rights and responsibilities of your employees can be critical to the success of your company. Defining the conditions of employment protects both the employer and the employee. Too many companies rely on implied employee contracts that are inferred from comments made in interviews, employee manuals or their job performance over time. Including things such as an ownership agreement, noncompete language and a nondisclosure agreement protects your business from losing employees and company secrets to your competitors.

We work with companies of all sizes crafting employment agreements for all levels of employment, including:

  • C-suite employment contracts
  • At-will employment contracts
  • Temporary employee agency agreements
  • Independent contractor agreements

Reviewing And Negotiating Employment Contracts

The growth and development of your business often hinge on well-written employment agreements. If a contract is missing specific terms and conditions, it can lead to lawsuits, bad publicity and unnecessary expenses. By creating comprehensive, customized employee contracts, we help protect the interests of your business and clarify the roles and responsibilities of both your company and your employees.

Usually, at least some of the text used in contracts is borrowed from preexisting contracts without any editing. That language may also be laden with industry-specific terminology and technical language that is difficult to understand. Our experienced attorneys can explain the terms and conditions of employee contracts and how they affect your financial and other interests. We pride ourselves on protecting your interests while guiding you through contract review and negotiation.

Protecting Your Business With Noncompete Agreements

The goal of a noncompete agreement is to protect your company’s intellectual property and prevent employees from using the skills and knowledge gained as your employee to compete against you. If a key employee leaves a company and sets up a competing business or joins a competitor’s company, a lawsuit alleging breach of a noncompete agreement may be filed to prevent the employee from using the knowledge, contacts and secrets gained during his or her employment against the former employer. These agreements can also be signed between business partners to prevent breaking up the business and going into direct competition.

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