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Successful Businesses Have Effective Contracts And Agreements

Businesses have many types of contracts to create, manage and enforce: contracts with customers, distribution agreements, contracts with supplies, and even employment contracts. These are all legal instruments that serve as the foundation of our decisions for operations and growth. When parties sign on the bottom line, the courts will uphold the four corners of the contract.

Get The Right Contract Litigation Attorneys On Your Side

The corporate litigation attorneys of Jordan & Zito, in Chicago, Illinois, have successfully represented businesses in complex litigation matters in state and federal courts across the country. Whether you are a sole proprietor, a small privately held partnership or serve as in-house counsel seeking strong local counsel in the Chicago area, you will benefit from our strategic thinking, common sense approach and aggressive client service; we are always focused on effective, cost-effective outcomes that help our clients can get back to business.

Jordan & Zito lawyers have years of experience aggressively representing plaintiffs and defendants in disputes and litigation involving contract issues such as:

  • Terms of payment
  • Performance issues such as deadlines
  • Materials and workmanship
  • Warrantees
  • Contract performance
  • Employment terms
  • Noncompete agreements
  • Third-party involvement
  • Acts of competitors
  • Documentation requirements
  • Agreements not to compete

Greg Jordan has published several articles concerning business legal matters. He was a featured speaker at  for the University of Notre Dame Executive MBA Program and is well-respected among his peers.

Drafting Contracts, Agreements And Documents

Jordan & Zito attorneys use our experience to help our clients reduce the risk of litigation by reviewing, drafting and revising contracts, agreements and business documents. Whether you need a contract drafted or revised, protect yourself before signing. Talk to an attorney on our documents team.

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